Dove Cottage Garden

Night Paintings

These pictures are the result of several night painting sessions in Dove Cottage garden. They consider the passage of time and transition moments, the magic of the gloaming and the silence of nighttime. You can read more about the process of painting at night in my blogpost here The paintings on this page form part of a wider enquiry into creative process which you can also read more about on the 'blog' page.

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Snippets of Time

These small studies were made in Dove Cottage garden, the home of William and Dorothy Wordsworth. Painted on the spot at different times of day throughout the year they are like snippets of time noting the changing rhythms of the garden. These are a small selection of a larger series, all painted from the same bench.

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Works on Paper

Watercolour drawings made in the garden echo the flow of words and marks in Wordsworth's manuscripts. I used a concertina sketchbook to chart these garden rhythms. The format allows time to be an element in the work as it flows across a long piece of paper (70 pages). The folds are sometimes worked across and sometimes act as a natural stop. It is double sided and can be 'read' in any direction. The nature of the book means that associations and links can be made across time, as one page happily falls open next to another which might have been painted 2 months before.

Watch a short video I recorded with the Wordsworth Trust talking about my time spent in the garden here

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Concertina sketchbook pages from Alison Critchlow sketchbook made in Dove Cottage garden at Wordsworth Grasmere
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9abe5b D0fc4d292d354997a126d3fc19c2e7db Mv2 D 1857 2067 S 2
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Long concertina sketchbook opened out to show a drawing made in Dove Cottage garden by artist Alison Critchlow
Concertina sketchbook painted in Dove Cottage garden by Alison Critchlow
9abe5b 215a71102199468fadead234857030d9 Mv2
001 Alison Critchlow Concertina Sketchbook Page, (detail 2) Dove Cottage
002 Concertina Book, Page Dove Cottage Summer Autumn
003 Alison Critchlow Concertina Sketchbook Page, (detail 3) Dove Cottage
004 Concertina Book Page Detail Watercolour,pencil, Ink And Acrylic On Folded Paper Alison Critchlow 8
005 Concertina Book,detail, Autumnal Pages  Dove Cottage Garden
008 Concertina Book,page Detail Summer Grass Rhythm  Dove Cottage Garden
009  Winter  Spring Concertina Page 2
010 Winter  Spring Concertina Page 6
012  Winter  Spring Concertina Page 5
013 Concertina Shadows A Critchlow
014 Concertina Book, Dove Cottage Garden 1
015 Concertina Book,page Detail4   Dove Cottage Garden 1
016 Concertina Book,detail  Dove Cottage Garden
017  Winter Spring Concertina Page