Alison Critchlow is a contemporary British painter. She studied at Humberside College of Higher Eductaion (1988-9) and Falmouth School of Art, Cornwall (1989-92) and has recently studied for 3 years with Turps Art School, London on their post graduate correspondence course. She lives and works in Cumbria.


Alison has exhibited widely in Britain and has paintings in several private collections including Royal Bank of Scotland, Ernst and Young and Edinburgh Hospitals Trust. Her work has been exhibited in many galleries including Mall Galleries, London,Gracefield Arts Centre, Dumfries ,Upfront Gallery,Hutton in the Forest,  Fairfield Mill, Sedbergh , Brantwood, Coniston ,Open Eye Gallery, Edinburgh, the Manchester Art Show, Bianco Nero and Penwith Gallery, St. Ives. She often participates in "C Art", the Cumbrian open studios event and the "Cumbrian Artist of the Year" exhibitions . Alison was artist in residence on the Isle Of Iona in February 2017 and has recently been working with the Wordsworth Trust on their exhibition  'Weather Words' and their 'Poetry and Paint' project.




Artists Statement


I have been drawing from Wordsworth’s manuscripts recently. Looking at the rhythm and flow of his words, the speed of his thinking, the gaps and pauses for thought, the spaces and silences. I am interested in the creative process and how it works in relation to landscape and memory.

Taking the poet’s concepts and placing them under a painterly spotlight has set up a conversation across disciplines and centuries. The cross over points between literature and painting and the moment of resonance that connects them is my focal point. I have been painting in Dove cottage garden throughout the year, watching the play of shadows, drawing flower rhythms and sometimes painting through the night. Noticing these underlying rhythms that change with the light in this particular place has provided the link between the written poetry and physical place.


The gloaming has become a fascination. The invisible magic of the twilight hours and the seamless transformations that occur within them open up tangible links to the great thinkers of the Romantic age. In the gloaming boundaries merge and fall away between physical space and the mind's eye. I am interested in painting this transition and have started to make passages of paint in the studio which have a time span. I have also started using a long concertina book to create drawings which flow across pages and unfold in time. The marks and colours themselves are becoming a sort of language in their own right, a garden script is emerging; a timeless mingling of memories and pigment. Wordsworth has inspired me to experiment and broaden my own creative practise. Looking at his artistic process has informed my thinking and expanded the possibilities of my art. 


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